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The King
The King

The King's Blood by Daniel Abraham

The King's Blood

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The King's Blood Daniel Abraham ebook
Publisher: Orbit
ISBN: 9780316080774
Format: pdf
Page: 517

The G wrote excellent reviews of Book 1, The Dragon's Path (which he gave an 8/10) and Book 2, The King's Blood (which he gave a 6/10). The King's Blood is the second volume in Daniel Abraham's Epic Fantasy series, The Dagger and the Coin. Researchers have been trying for years to verify a claim imprinted on an ornately decorated calabash that it contains a sample of the blood of the French king guillotined in Paris on January 21, 1793. When talk turns to Louisiana, we don't really think of wine. For the second time this month, I've come to a book that positively demands I read it slowly. My opinion is actually the inverse of his. Absinthe, it makes the heart grow fonder. King's Blood is an anime-themed card game in which players compete to empty their hands by playing character cards into a royal lineage. Bane of Kings reviews one of 2012Œs best fantasy novels, The King's Blood, the sequel to his favourite fantasy book of 2011, The Dragon's Path. It's written by Daniel Abraham and published by Orbit. After he was executed, some of the citizens who witnessed the beheading ran forth to have their clothes soaked in the late King's blood, dripping from his head. I think the story told in The King's Blood was quite good, and I'll get to it in a moment, but the shoddy editing really detracted from my enjoyment of this book.

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